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Hugh HowertonOil rig workers deserve a safe place to work. If a worker is hurt or killed you need an attorney that specializes in oil rig accident cases.

After a serious injury or wrongful death on an oil rig there are many questions that have to be answered. What really happened? Could the accident have been prevented? Who is responsible for causing the injury or death? What changes have to be made to see this type of tragedy never happens again? 

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Types of Cases We Handle

*Falls from derricks and other equipment
*Rig collapse
*Rig blowout
*Dropped tools
*Defective equipment
*Fires and explosion
*Slip and fall from slippery work area
*Chemical exposure
*Equipment failure


 Oil Rig Work Is Dangerous

According to the Houston Chronicle, Texas accounted for about 40% of all U.S. oil field deaths between 2007 and 2012. Some companies have good safety policies. Others show no concern for worker safety. Putting profits before safety is a main cause of deaths.  Just in 2012 79 people lost limbs, 82 were crushed, 92 suffered burns and 675 broke bones in work-related accidents reported to insurance carriers. The same year, the 65 deaths were a 10-year high and almost 60% more fatalities than in 2011.


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