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Houston slip and fall lawyerIt can happen in a split second. One moment you are fine then the next you are terribly hurt. Falls cause more than 25,000 death in a single year. If you have suffered a fall because of someone’s neglect you need help from a caring and successful lawyer. For a free case review call 713.822.8904 or send Hugh an e-mail.


What Should I Do First?

Take A Picture Using Your Cell Phone

You need to take a picture of what caused you to fall  before it is repaired or cleaned. Use your cell phone to photograph the spill or other dangerous condition that hurt you.

Get Witness Name and Contact Information

Get the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all witnesses to your fall and the same information from any store employees who spoke to you or took any reports.

No Recorded Statements

Do Not give any recorded statements to any insurance company until you have first talked to Hugh Howerton.

Secure Security Camera Tapes

Many stores have security cameras that may have recorded your fall and the time before you fell . You need to contact an experienced lawyer immediately so they can write a letter to the store demanding that the tapes be preserved. This should be done the day of your fall so the tapes are not lost or destroyed.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Get examined by a doctor or if it is very serious an emergency room as soon as possible. Make sure you tell the doctors and staff exactly how you were hurt in the fall, the place you were visiting when you were hurt and the time you were hurt.

What Kind of Fall Cases Does Hugh Handle?

Hugh Howerton handles accident cases caused by wet or slick floors, hidden holes, loose railings, missing steps, dangerous ramps, work debris and many others.

How To Win Your Case

Just because you fall in a store or business does not mean they automatically have to pay for your harms and losses. You have to prove they were negligent. This usually means you have to prove there was a dangerous condition on their premises that they knew about or should have known about but didn’t fix before you were hurt. Timing is everything. Was the hazard around long enough to give them a reasonable opportunity to fix it. That is why the security tapes are so important.  The law is different depending on why you were on the premises. Were you there to shop? Were you there for a social visit? Were you a trespasser when you got hurt? All these facts make a difference on what you have to prove to win a fall case.