Seat Belt And Airbag Injuries

A Houston Attorney For Seat Belt or Air Bag Injuries

Seat belts and air bags are meant to save lives not take them. Sadly, automobile manufacturers and the companies who designed these products are to blame when a defective seat belt or aig bag hurts or kills an innocent person. During a crash a seat belt should be designed and manufactured to restrain the occupant to avoid hitting the windshield or dashboard or from being thrown out of the vehicle.

An airbag is designed to work with other restraints and protect from injury if deployed during an accident. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a seat belt or airbag failure, you should immediately contact a Houston seat belt and air bag injury lawyer to see if you have a claim.

What is a Houston Seat Belt or Air Bag Injury Lawyer?

A Houston seat belt or air bag injury lawyer is a personal injury lawyer who represents injury victims and their families hurt or killed by defective seat belts or airbags.

The lawsuits are filed against the manufacturer of the automobile, seat belt component and manufacturer and designer of the air bag.


What Causes A Defective Air Bag?

Airbags are designed to inflate quickly if the car is involved in a crash going 8 to 14 miles per hour, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If the airbag does not timely inflate then serious injury and death can happen if the victim strikes the dashboard, steering wheel  or windshield.

Dangerous and defective airbags are caused by inadequate testing, lack of tethers, nonworking sensors or folding defects may fail to inflate properly and protect car occupants in a crash.

What If There Is Too Much Force?

If the airbag inflates with too much force people get killed. Sadly too many people have died because of airbags manufactured by the Japanese Takata corporation. Takata used ammonium nitrate as a propellant in millions of air bags.

Takata airbags may violently inflate rupture and turn the metal canister that holds the bad into a bomb that send shrapnel into innocent people.

Tens of millions of cars and trucks made by more than 30 manufacturers have now been recalled because of defective Takata airbags .

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What Causes A Defective Seat Belt?

Common seat belt malfunctions include unintentional unlatching and retractor failure. When a seat belt unlatches unexpectedly, then it does not keep the person restrained and they can hit the dash or be ejected from the vehicle.

Retractor failure is when the seat belt allows slack to be created in the belt. Even a few inches of slack in a seat belt allows your body to gain momentum before being snapped back by the belt. It can also cause you to impact the interior of the vehicle, resulting in serious injury or death.

Another defect is called False Latching. This is where the buckle feels and appears to be latched but comes loose during an accident.


Common Seat Belt and Air Bag Injuries

Traumatic brain injury



Facial injuries

Broken sternum, ribs, aorta rupture, internal injuries

Wrongful death

Spinal cord injury


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