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This is Hugh Howerton. I have been a lawyer for 30 years and specialize in motorcycle accident cases.  Before you hire a lawyer read these tips so you don’t end up with the wrong lawyer.

The lawyer you want first and foremost cares about you and is not in it for the money.  If you get the feeling they are just in it for the money stay away. Here is what to look for to find a GOOD motorcycle accident lawyer.


  1. The Lawyer Must Have Already Won A Trial of a Motorcycle Accident Case

This is the absolute #1 and most important thing. The lawyer must have already won a motorcycle accident case at trial. Generally, the biggest settlement offer comes right before or during trial. If the lawyer is afraid to go to trial you got a BAD lawyer.

Motorcycle injury cases are very different than other accidents. To win them the lawyer has to have learned certain techniques and skills that only apply to motorcycle accident cases. Not every personal injury lawyer has these skills.

The lawyer has to know how to beat the usual arguments used by insurance lawyers who try to blame the motorcycle rider.

The lawyer must know how to make sure that potential jurors that are prejudiced against motorcycle riders do not end up on the jury. If the lawyer does not know how to do these things you got the wrong lawyer.           


  1. Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law

Personal Injury Trial LawYou want a motorcycle accident lawyer that is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law. This means the lawyer is recognized as a “Specialist” in Personal Injury Trial Law by the State Bar of Texas. Less than 3% of all lawyers in Texas are Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law.

These lawyers have to be experienced handling personal injury cases. They have to pass a hard test. They have to have tried to verdict at least 10 personal injury cases and they have to have recommendations from judges AND the opposing lawyers they have dealt with in the past.            


  1. Good Client Reviews

reviewsGood lawyers get good reviews from their actual clients. You can find Google reviews by just searching for the lawyer’s name on Google. You can read what their past clients thought of them, how they were treated by the lawyer and whether they got them a good settlement. You will also be able to see how easily they could reach their lawyer, whether the lawyer explained the legal process and answered all of their questions.  You can find out if the lawyer treated them with respect and courtesy.  




  1. Have They Won Large Settlements and Verdicts In Motorcycle Cases

You want a lawyer that actually goes to trial and wins. There are some law firms that are known as “Settlement Mills”. This means they just take whatever offer the insurance company makes and never file a lawsuit and never go to trial. Insurance companies keep track of the lawyers who actually go to trial and the ones that never file lawsuits. If the lawyer is afraid to even file a lawsuit the insurance company will never be forced to make their highest offer.

Trust me, if a lawyer has won a big settlement or verdict in a motorcycle accident case, all you have to do is ask. They will tell you. If you are seriously hurt or if one of your loved ones was killed in a motorcycle accident you want a lawyer who know how to win big cases.


  1. Will They Personally Handle Your Case


The # 1 complaint about lawyers is they are slow or never return phone calls or e-mails. Shame on those lawyers. Read the lawyer’s client reviews to find out if they were easy to reach and quickly returned call or e-mails. You need to make sure the lawyer has time for your case and that they will personally handle it from start to finish. You do not want a lawyer who passes you to another lawyer or younger associate. You deserve better.




  1. They Are Not In It For The Money

You need to feel your lawyer has your best interests at heart. You never want to hire an ambulance chaser or a lawyer who wants to represent you just for the money they will make on your case. You deserve better.

Do not let a lawyer pressure you to sign a contract with them. It is easy to hire a lawyer. All you have to do is sign the employment contract. BUT, it is real hard to get rid of them once you sign up then find out they are a bad lawyer


Well, there you have it. I hope this report helped you.

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