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A car, 18-wheeler truck or motorcycle accident can cause a traumatic brain injury. There are 1.7 million people who suffer from this each year in the U.S.A. The leading causes include falls, car accidents, being struck in the head, and assaults. Over 52,000 people die every year because of a injury to the brain. Victims can have life changing symptoms that may require very expensive medical care.



 brain injury lawyerTypes of Brain Injuries

There are varying kinds and some, like a concussion heal fairly quickly. Others may last a lifetime.

Penetrating Injury

This is when something penetrates the skull usually causing bleeding on the brain.

Closed Head Injury

A closed head injury is where the brain is injured but the skull is not penetrated. There are several types of closed head injuries including: 

Diffuse Axonal Injury

Can be caused by a strong rotation of the head such as a car accident. The injury happens when the unmoving brain develops tears in brain structure including torn nerve tissue

Coup-Contrecoup Injury

This injury happens when the brain moves inside the skull striking the interior part of the skull then striking the opposite side of the skull causing brain contusions. A sudden deceleration from a vehicle accident can cause the brain to move forwards and backwards within the skull causing injury.

Specializing In Brain Injuries Caused By Accidents

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