Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer Hugh Howerton

Specializing in vehicle accidents and workplace accidents

Losing a spouse, child or parent is a pain you never get over. This should not have happened. You want answers and bring those responsible to justice. You need an experienced  lawyer to help you.

These lawyers specialize in claims and lawsuit where someone is killed by another person or corporation’s, negligence. Typical cases include vehicle accidents like car, 18-wheeler truck and motorcycle accidents, workplace accidents and defective products. If you have lost a family member because of of accident a lawyer can help you understand what happened, who is responsible, and whether anyone should be charged with a crime.


Who Can File This Kind of Lawsuit

A spouse, child, parent or executor of the estate of the deceased are the only people permitted to file this type of case.

Generally there is a two year time period from the date of death to file the lawsuit.


Beware of Ambulance Chasers

It is against the law for any lawyer or their associates that you do not know to call you or show up uninvited to your door seeking to represent you. Do not sign any papers with these lawyers. They will only bring you more grief.