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Because of their size and weight an accident with a commercial 18-wheeler truck can be very serious. Sadly many people are needlessly seriously injured and killed by Houston truck accidents. You see trucks speeding on the I-45 North Freeway and I-10 Katy Freeway. You see trucks following too close behind innocent people on I-59 Southwest Freeway and you see big truck unsafely changing lane on 610, Hwy. 288 and all across Houston. Being next to an unsafe truck is scary but being hurt or worse killed by a trucking accident changes people lives forever.

Hugh Howerton is a Houston truck accident attorney committed to helping trucking accident victims, including those involved in serious semi-truck accidents. He is an accident injury lawyer who has nearly 30 years of legal experience and only represents injured clients and their families. If you have been injured in a truck accident, he can provide you with the quality legal counsel you deserve.

Texas Truck Accident Statistics

According to the latest figures by TXDOT  37 people were killed in Harris County accidents involving a commercial truck in 2015. In the same year 141 people suffered incapacitating injuries and 546 people suffered non-incapacitating injuries in Houston truck accidents. In 2015 there were 5887 total truck accidents reported in Houston Harris County. That is a staggering 16 Houston truck accidents per day.

National Truck Accident Statistics

In 2015, 4,050 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes. There were 53,263 large trucks involved in injury crashes.

Houston Lawyer Helps People Hurt By 18-Wheeler Trucks


What Is A Truck Accident Lawyer?

A Houston truck accident lawyer is a special type of personal injury lawyer that represents people hurt in 18-wheeler trucking accidents. Hugh Howerton is a Board Certified Houston personal injury lawyer who specializes in truck accidents.

If there was a death caused by a trucking accident a truck accident lawyer can represent the spouse, child or parent of the person killed in a wrongful death claim against the truck driver and trucking company.

A truck accident lawyer should understand the federal laws that apply to truck drivers and trucking companies and how to use those laws to help a person hurt in a trucking accident.

Call An Experienced Houston Lawyer For Your Trucking Accident

Hugh Howerton is an award-winning truck accident lawyer who specializes in 18-wheeler truck accident cases involving wrongful death, catastrophic injury or traumatic brain injury.

Voted TOP 100 Texas trial lawyers Hugh Howerton has 29 years experience and the best AV rating. In this very difficult time you need the best truck accident lawyer to represent you in a very serious Houston trucking accident

Hugh’s job is to make sure the responsible truck driver and trucking company pay for what they have done and to make sure another innocent person is not harmed.


Proving Negligence In a Truck Accident Case

In order to win a truck accident case you have to prove that the truck driver and/or trucking company was negligent. This means that the truck driver failed to act as a reasonable truck driver under the circumstances. There are various ways of proving the truck driver’s negligence.

Did the truck driver violate one of the rules of the road as set for by the Texas Transportation Code.

Did they rear end you by failing to keep an assured clear distance in violation of Texas Transportation Code Sec. 545.062

Did they fail to yield the right-of-way in violation of Texas Transportation Code Sec. 545.101, 545.153

Did they turn unsafely in violation of Texas Transportation Code Sec. 545.103

Did they run a red light in violation of Texas Transportation Code Sec. 544.007

Did they run a stop sign in violation of Texas Transportation Code Sec.544.010

Did they cross the center line causing a head-on crash in violation of Texas Transportation Safety Code  545.056


When Should You Hire A Truck Accident Lawyer?

The simple and best answer is the day the accident happens. Usually right after a truck accident that has caused serious injury or wrongful death the trucking company and its insurance company will send a special team to the accident scene usually the day it happens. You want your truck accident lawyer and their team of expert witness to be there with the insurance company’s team. The tractor and trailer need to be secured and immediately inspected so that there are no changes or repairs done to the tractor’s brakes, steering, light, and tires.

The trailer needs to be inspected and photographs taken of the accident scene that may show tire marks or skid marks on the road way before they are destroyed by weather. Most importantly, the event data recorder or black box must be preserved and properly downloaded before it is erased or destroyed. It can provide valuable evidence needed to win your truck accident case.

Event Data Recorder

Event data recorders aren’t actually black boxes but tiny microcomputer chip sets. They usually record 15 specific data points, including speed, steering, braking, acceleration, seatbelt use, and, in the event of a crash, force of impact and whether airbags deployed.

Most event data recorders are programmed to record data in a continuous loop until a truck is involved in an crash. When an accident occurs, the event data recorder automatically saves up to 5 seconds of data from immediately before, during and after an incident.

Causes of Truck Accidents

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration truck driver error was the leading cause of trucking accidents. A poor decision was the leading causes followed by a failure to recognize a dangerous situation, failing to perform a action and finally performing an act poorly.

1. Driver Error

Driver error is ten times more likely to be the cause of the crash than any of the other factors according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Factors such as sleepiness, inattention, distractions, or faulty actions are the most common causes of driver error. That is why is it critical that trucking companies only retain good drivers.

2. Truck Equipment Failure

Equipment failures like defective tires, bad brakes or faulty retention straps is a cause of truck accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) laws requires every truck driver and company to perform a pre-trip inspection and to perform regular inspections and maintenance of their trucks throughout the year. If these laws are broken innocent people can be hurt or killed.

3. Weather conditions

Weather conditions can cause accidents. A good truck driver should never drive when they can’t see the road in front of them. Rain and fog are dangerous.

4. Improper loading

If a truck is not loaded safely the load can shift during transport and cause a major accident. An improper load cause cause the truck to jack knife and turn over. An improper load can cause the load to fall from the truck causing an accident.

Great Service Means Very Satisfied Clients

While many lawyers want a lot of clients Hugh believes a different approach is necessary to get GREAT results for his clients. Hugh only takes a limited number of clients at one time so he can give each client extra special attention. Hugh understands this is a very difficult and stressful period of your life. He know you want a good lawyer to be by your side and to get you the full measure of compensation you deserve.

All cases are handled personally by Hugh Howerton from start to finish. When you call you speak directly to Hugh and not some secretary or paralegal. From the moment you sign up with Hugh as a client until the end of your case he will be with you every step of the way.

To get an idea of how Hugh’s past client feel about him read his Client Reviews. Here are some examples.

“Selecting him as my attorney was the best decision I ever made”

I would like to begin by saying that selecting him as my attorney was the best decision I ever made. I chose him from other reviews left online for him and needless to say that he deserved every single one of them. I joined the list of satisfied clients. My case involved an 18-wheeler and it was a complicated case but he worked very hard and left no stone unturned and was able to get me a handsome settlement. I personally thank him for his service and professionalism.

Shawn K 

Types Of Truck Accidents We Specialize In

  • Rear-end crashes
  • Head-on accidents
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Lost loads
  • Jack-knife accidents
  • Failure to yield right-of-way
  • Blown stop signs and stop lights
  • Unsafe parking


Voted TOP 100 Texas trial lawyers Hugh Howerton is a Board Certified Houston truck accident lawyer lawyer who specializes in 18-wheeler truck accident cases. Hugh has a record of winning significant settlements and verdicts in trucking accident cases.