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OIl Rig accident lawyer Midland OdessaVoted TOP 100 Texas trial lawyers Hugh Howerton is an award-winning oil field accident lawyer who specializes in Midland/Odessa oil rig accident cases. For a free consultation call 877.984.9848

Oil field workers deserve a safe place to work. If a worker is hurt or killed you need an oil rig accident lawyer. This is a type of personal injury lawyer that specializes in oil field accidents.

Don’t trust your case and your future financial and medical well being to just any lawyer. You want the best oil rig accident lawyer you can find.


Types of Oil Field Accident Cases We Handle


*Falls from derricks and other equipment
*Rig collapse
*Rig blowout
*Dropped tools
*Defective equipment
*Fires and explosion
*Slip and fall from slippery work area
*Chemical exposure
*Equipment failure

What Clients Say About Hugh

“One Couldn’t Ask For A Better Attorney”

     One couldn’t ask for a better attorney! During my mediation, the mediator asked me as to how I got so lucky to have Hugh represent my case. You could see in the other attorney’s face that the other 2 attorney’s knew Hugh wasn’t going to back down on my behalf. All the years of experience all come together and he goes to war for you! I pray that I never have a need for another attorney in the future, but without a doubt, I wouldn’t hesitate to call up Hugh once again. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know.

Scott M.

“Compassion, Understanding and Professionalism”

I contacted a personal injury attorney, Hugh Howerton, and that was the best decision I made. Mr. Howerton was very professional and was able to begin helping me with that first phone call. He guided me through the entire process with compassion, understanding and complete professionalism. He has years of experience in and out of the court room should your case go to trial as mine did. His experience paid off in the end and the jury’s verdict was in our favor. I would recommend Hugh Howerton to anyone who needs a personal injury attorney for any reason.

M. Dailey

 Oil Rig Work Is Dangerous


According to the Houston Chronicle, Texas accounted for about 40% of all U.S. oil field deaths between 2007 and 2012. Some companies have good safety policies. Others show no concern for worker safety. Putting profits before safety is a main cause of oil field deaths.  Just in 2012 79 people lost limbs, 82 were crushed, 92 suffered burns and 675 broke bones in work-related accidents reported to insurance carriers. The same year, the 65 deaths were a 10-year high and almost 60% more fatalities than in 2011.