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Propane explosion lawyer Hugh HowertonAward-winning, top AV rated, propane explosion lawyer Hugh Howerton handles propane explosion cases all over the U.S.A.

A propane explosion is devastating. Could it have been prevented? Who was responsible? To get the answers to these questions you need to hire a special type of personal injury lawyer. They are called a propane explosion lawyer.

Hugh Howerton is a propane explosion lawyer and one of America’s top “AV” rated personal injury attorneys. 

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 You Need To Act Quickly

The scene of the explosion needs to be inspected by certified fire investigators to gather evidence and document the site as soon as they explosion happens. This needs to be done before valuable evidence is lost or worse destroyed. The source of the ignition needs to be determined. The propane tank, shut-off valves, and piping need to be inspected.

Hugh Howerton and his team of propane accident experts stand ready to launch an investigation into the explosion to determine its cause and who was responsible.

What Can Cause A Propane Explosion?

Human error and faulty equipment are the main causes. In areas that get a lot of snow placing the tank too close to a building can cause a leaky pipe. If the pipe diameter is not right an explosion can happen. Was there was a leaky or defective shut-off, withdrawal or excess flow valve? Was the tank properly inspected?

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