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Midland Accident Facts

houston car accident lawyerDid your life can change in a split second after a vehicle accident? Car accidents are the leading cause of death and injury in America. According to the latest figures by TxDOT 11 people were killed in Midland vehicle accidents in 2015. In the same year 71 people suffered serious injuries and 444 people suffered non-incapacitating injuries in Midland accidents. In 2015 there were 3514 total car accidents reported in Midland.


Texas Car Accident Facts & Statistics

  • 377 people killed on Texas road in 2013
  • 65,539 serious crashes with 89,270 people sustaining serious injury
  • 55.76% of Texas fatalities occurred in rural areas
  • More people were killed in intersection crashes than head-on accidents
  • Saturday March 23, 2013 was the deadliest day in 2013 with 27 people killed
  • June was the deadliest month with 336 persons killed
  • In 2013 460 people were killed due to distracted driving.


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Personal Injury Lawyer

Hugh Howerton is an award-winning injury lawyer for Midland who specializes in accident cases including: 18-wheeler truck accident, car accident, train accident, bus accident, gas explosion and oil rig accident.

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Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law. Less than 3% of all Texas attorneys are Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law

Awarded the best AV rating, the highest rating awarded an attorney for legal skill and ethical conduct by the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell legal directory

Client Reviews

“Selecting him as my attorney was the best decision I ever made”

I would like to begin by saying that selecting him as my attorney was the best decision I ever made. I chose him from other reviews left online for him and needless to say that he deserved every single one of them. I joined the list of satisfied clients. My case involved an 18-wheeler and it was a complicated case but he worked very hard and left no stone unturned and was able to get me a handsome settlement. I personally thank him for his service and professionalism.

Shawn K


“His Integrity Is Above Reproach..He Will Get The Job Done”

I was injured in a car accident caused by an intoxicated driver. After the run around with the insurance company I decided to hire an attorney. The search led me to Hugh Howerton. I selected him based on the initial impression during the first phone interview as well as all the positive feedback about his professionalism listed on his website. It was obvious from the beginning that all the positive feedback was well deserved. Mr. Howerton does what he says he’s going to do. His integrity is above reproach. And when you call him, you actually speak to him. I was awarded a substantial settlement during mediation process without going to trial. He’s an excellent negotiator ,compassionate to your needs, and made the cumbersome legal process tolerable. He will get the job done and works hard to earn you every dollar possible for your suffering. I highly recommend the services of Mr. Howerton. Stop searching and give him a call. You’ll be glad you did.

James T.

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Specializing In Wrongful Death & Serious Accident Cases

Injury Lawyer for Midland Car Accident

It was not your fault and you are very hurt. When there is a very serious injury or death caused by an accident you need the best Midland Midland car accident lawyer to help you. Hugh is a top AV rated car accident lawyer who specializes in Midland car accident and Midland motorcycle accident cases involving serious injury and wrongful death.


Best AV Rated Accident Lawyer for Midland 18-Wheeler Truck Accident 

Hugh Howerton is a Board Certified truck accident lawyer who specializes in Midland 18-wheeler semi truck accidents. Midland has a lot of semi-trucks passing through it. Because of their size they can really hurt people. It takes a personal injury lawyer with special skill and experience to handle a 18-wheeler semi-truck accident case. They need to have a working understanding of the Federal regulations that control truck drivers and trucking companies. You want the best truck accident lawyer for a Midland 18-wheeler truck accident.

Board Certified Injury Lawyer for Midland Oil Rig Accident 

The oil patch pays well but it is dangerous. Some companies put profits before people. That should never happen. When they do workers get hurt and killed. Those companies must be held responsible and pay for what they have done so another innocent person is not hurt or killed. Hugh Howerton is a top AV rated injury lawyer for Midland Oil Rig accident cases.


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