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McAllen Accident Facts

houston car accident lawyerDid you life can change in a split second after a vehicle accident? Car accidents are the leading cause of death and injury in America. According to the latest figures by TxDOT 10 people were killed in McAllen vehicle accidents in 2015. In the same year 54 people suffered serious injuries and 655 people suffered non-incapacitating injuries in McAllen accidents. In 2015 there were 2617 total car accidents reported in McAllen.


Texas Car Accident Facts & Statistics

  • 377 people killed on Texas road in 2013
  • 65,539 serious crashes with 89,270 people sustaining serious injury
  • 55.76% of Texas fatalities occurred in rural areas
  • More people were killed in intersection crashes than head-on accidents
  • Saturday March 23, 2013 was the deadliest day in 2013 with 27 people killed
  • June was the deadliest month with 336 persons killed
  • In 2013 460 people were killed due to distracted driving.


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Need Help With A Personal Injury Matter?

You have come to the right place. Personal injury lawyer Hugh Howerton has been helping people hurt in accidents for nearly 30 years. A personal injury lawyer handles cases involving personal injuries like neck injuries, back injuries and catastrophic injuries like traumatic brain injury, amputation and paralysis. A personal injury lawyer also handles wrongful death claims stemming from an accident.

Personal Injury Lawyer Serving McAllen, Texas

Voted TOP 100 Texas trial lawyers Hugh Howerton is an award-winning personal injury lawyer for McAllen, Texas who specializes in car, 18-wheeler semi truck, bus and motorcycle accidents involving serious injury or wrongful death.

In this very difficult time you need the best personal injury lawyer to help you. Hugh Howerton is a Board-Certified, top AV rated trial lawyer. He has won millions of dollars for his clients.


Practice Areas: Car Accident, Trucking Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Wrongful Death


How Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Handle Your Claim?

When you first speak with a personal injury lawyer about an accident or wrongful death claim they will interview you to learn how the accident happened. If it involved a vehicle crash they will order the police crash report from the police department investigating the crash. The police report will list the driver’s involved and their insurance contact information. If the personal injury lawyer accepts your case they will send a letter to the other driver’s insurance company telling them that they are now representing you. After the insurance company receives that letter they should not contact you directly but should only contact your attorney.

Your lawyer will interview any witnesses to the accident and obtain their statements about what they saw.  Your lawyer will then order your medical records and bills from each and every healthcare provider you saw related to the accident. If you had preexisting medical condition that was made worse because of the accident they will order those records as well. If you missed anytime from work your personal injury lawyer will ask your employer to complete a lost wage form to verify that amount of time you missed from work and the value of that time.

Once you finish with all of your medical care your personal injury lawyer will send all of your medical records and bills along with any lost wages forms to the other driver’s insurance company adjuster along with a settlement demand. A settlement demand is a letter that explains the cause of the accident and the nature and extent of your injuries. It will likely reference certain pages of your medical records including the medical provider’s diagnosis of your injuries. The settlement demand will also include a dollar amount needed to settle your claim with the insurance company.

Generally in about 30 days the insurance company adjuster will contact your personal injury lawyer with an initial offer of settlement. This will be a figure they are willing to pay to settle your claim. Your lawyer will then negotiate back and forth with the adjuster in hopes at arriving at a figure both side can accept. Once that is done the adjuster will send your personal injury lawyer a Release of Claims for you to sign and return. Once the insurance company receives the signed Release then will send your lawyer a check payable to both your lawyer and you. You lawyer will then deposit that check into his law firm’s trust account and write checks to you for your share of the settlement, the lawyer for their fees and expenses and payoff any medical liens or other medical bills owed.

Client Reviews

“Phenomenal Personal Injury Lawyer”

Hugh Howerton is a phenomenal lawyer. During our first conversation, he stated that he would deal with the legal aspects of my personal injury case and that my job was to get better. Hugh did exactly that! He responded instantly to any questions or concerns that I had. He was relentless in pursuing a positive outcome to my case. His integrity, professionalism and knowledge of the law are unsurpassed. I have complete faith and trust in his ability and recommend Hugh Howerton without any reservation.

Colleen Caulkett Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

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How To Choose A McAllen Personal Injury Lawyer

Make sure you are comfortable with the lawyer and you feel that they have your best interests at heart. Do not hire any lawyer who contacts you first unless you already knew them. This is a crime. You do not want this type of lawyer to represent you or your family

Find a lawyer who has won you type of case before. You want a lawyer with experience.

Choose a “Board Certified” personal injury lawyer. That means they are recognized as a specialist in personal injury cases. A Board Certified lawyer had to pass a lengthy test, tried many personal injury cases and received recommendations from both judges and opposing counsel.


Voted TOP 100 Texas trial lawyers Hugh Howerton is a Board Certified personal injury lawyer who has been serving the people of McAllen Texas for 29 years