Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyer Helps People of Katy Hurt In Accidents

Personal injury lawyerIn a split second your life can change because of an accident. It’s difficult to know where to turn for help. We see lawyers all the time on television screaming at us. There has to be a better alternative.

Voted TOP 100 Texas trial lawyer Hugh Howerton is an award-winning personal injury lawyer who helps people of Katy hurt in accidents.

Hugh is a Board Certified personal injury lawyer with the best AV rating. Hugh Howerton has specialized in personal injury law for 29 years.

Hugh truly understands that this is a very stressful and difficult time for you. He will help you get through it and treat you with respect and dignity. Hugh’s calling is to make this word a safer place and to see that other innocent people are not hurt.

Hugh Howerton believes that integrity, hard work and treating your clients like family produces the results and justice he has obtained for his past clients.

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Specializing In Personal Injury Cases

Hugh Howerton is a top rated personal injury lawyer for Katy who specializes in accident cases involving: wrongful death, 18-wheeler truck accident, car accident, motorcycle accident, train accident, bus accident, boat accident, birth injury and gas explosion.

All cases are taken on a contingency fee. This means that there is no up-front charge to hire Hugh and you pay only after he wins your case by settlement or verdict.

Why Hire Hugh

Hugh Howerton is a Board Certified car accident lawyer for Katy, Texas.  He wins serious car accident and 18-wheeler semi truck accident cases. Your case will be handled by Hugh personally from start to finish. You will not be sent to a younger less experienced associate.

  • Hugh Howerton only accepts a limited number of clients at any time so he can give his clients the extra attention they deserve
  • Hugh Howerton has won millions of dollars in settlements for his past clients
  • Voted TOP 100 Texas trial lawyers every year since 2011.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Get Because Of A Katy Accident?

If you were hurt by the negligence of another person or company Texas law says you may be entitled to money compensation for medical bills, lost wages, physical pain, mental anguish, physical impairment and physical disfigurement. If you were hurt by a drink driver you may be entitled to punitive damages in additional to actual damages

What To Do After A Katy Car, Truck or Motorcycle Accident

Check To See If Anyone Is Hurt

The first thing you should do is check if anyone is hurt. If so, call 911. Do not try to move anyone that is unconscious or has neck or back pain. You may make it much worse.

Call the Police

If it’s a major crash with injury call the police. Do not argue with the other driver. Ask the police for the incident report number so you can later order a copy of the police report.

Exchange Insurance Information

Get the names, numbers, addresses, drivers’ license numbers, license plate numbers, and basic insurance information from all drivers involved. If there are passengers, also obtain their names, numbers, and addresses. Be nice.

Do not discuss who is at fault with the other driver. Leave that up to the police.

Talk to Witnesses

If there were any witnesses get their names, addresses, telephone numbers and share that information with the police.

Take Pictures

Take photographs of any damage to your car while you are at the scene. Photograph the placement of the vehicles at the time of impact and where they came to final rest.

Consider Hiring an Attorney

If anyone was injured in the accident, it’s best to consult an experienced attorney. An attorney can help you get fair treatment from the insurance company. Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee which means you only have to pay them after they win your case.  Generally they charge the same fee so you can hire a really good attorney for the same price as a lesser experienced attorney.

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