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There Is A Reason Why Hugh Gets Good Reviews"
When I was doing my research for a personal injury attorney I was a little apprehensive about someone who has so many good reviews. There is a reason why Hugh Howerton gets good reviews. He is professional, caring and knowledgeable. He handled my case in a quick manner and exceeded my expectations. Do yourself a favor and skip the personal injury attorneys you see on TV.
Jessica Mireles
Hugh did everything he said plus more!"
I have never been in an accident that required medical attention until this last August so I had no experience with any lawyers! You see all the ads on TV making all kinds of promises and I am sure that gets some people calling them. I on the other went looking online and at all the reviews other people posted to make my decision. Hugh had really good reviews plus was extremely attentive during my consultation so I asked him to represent me based on that. Those reviews were spot on and Hugh did everything he said plus more! If you need help from a lawyer then you owe it to yourself to call him! Thanks Hugh for everything!
Mark Strickler
Dealing with Mr. Howerton was a very good experience"
Dealing with Mr. Howerton was a very good experience. He showed genuine concern for my injured love one. His professionalism and workmanship is top notch. I would recommend to anyone that needs a injury lawyer to look no further.
Jamal Stidam
Thank God For Attorneys Like Hugh Howerton"
Hugh Howerton did an amazing job on my car accident case. He handled my case in a fast and convenient fashion. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for the best attorney available. He was on it and was relentless on my case until it all got solved and was able to get me what I wanted and negotiated very well in lowering my hospital bills and in getting a fair settlement. Thank God for attorneys like Hugh Howerton!
Alberto Nunez
“I Can't Say Enough Good Things About Him"
Hugh Howerton is very professional and easy to talk to. What I liked most about him is that he is a take charge kind of attorney. He is exceptional and I can’t say enough good things about him!
Kassandra Anselmo
Honest and Hard Working"
Hugh is fantastic. Honest and hard working. He always has your best interest at heart!  
Alicia Stephenson
“Mr. Howerton's doesn't just talk a good talk, he WALKS THE WALK”
Mr. Howerton's doesn't just talk a good talk, he WALKS THE WALK. I was in a serious motorcycle accident. His prompt responses to my questions, which he always answered with a understandable explanation. The dedication and professionalism Mr. Howerton put fourth to me as a client, has set a higher standard for all in his field. Working with Mr. Howerton has been an uplifting experience, in a rather dark and very stressful period of my life. He truly put me at the forefront.
James Land
"Phenomenal Lawyer"
Hugh Howerton is a phenomenal Houston personal injury lawyer. During our first conversation, he stated that he would deal with the legal aspects of my personal injury case and that my job was to get better. Hugh did exactly that! He responded instantly to any questions or concerns that I had. He was relentless in pursuing a positive outcome to my case. His integrity, professionalism and knowledge of the law are unsurpassed. I have complete faith and trust in his ability and recommend Hugh Howerton without any reservation.
Colleen Caulkett
“Professional and Fast”
After being involved in a rear end collision I tried to deal with the insurance company directly regarding my medical bills and felt like I was getting nowhere. I spoke to a friend about my concerns and she recommended I call Mr. Howerton. When I initially spoke with him to discuss what my options were, he took the time to explain how the claim process works as well as the laws concerning injury claims. If I ever had any questions I dealt with him directly, not an office clerk. He was always very courteous and professional. Mr. Howerton handled filing all the paperwork for my medical/injury claim directly with the insurance company and I had my settlement within 3 months of our initial meeting.
D. Marti
“Hugh Changed The Way I Feel About Lawyers”
I contacted Hugh Howerton after several months of frustrating interaction with an insurance carrier after my son was struck by a motorist as he rode his bicycle in a cross-walk. After an initial call to Hugh, he immediately took over management of the issue and my frustration simply ended. Hugh always did exactly what he said he would and was always on schedule. I can’t recommend Hugh enough. He is dilligent, straight shooter that resolves personal injury issues justly. He has changed the way I feel about proper legal representation forever. I recommend him highly.
Perry Crumbaker
"One Couldn’t Ask For A Better Attorney"
     One couldn’t ask for a better attorney! During my mediation, the mediator asked me as to how I got so lucky to have Hugh represent my case. You could see in the other attorney’s face that the other 2 attorney’s knew Hugh wasn’t going to back down on my behalf. All the years of experience all come together and he goes to war for you! I pray that I never have a need for another attorney in the future, but without a doubt, I wouldn’t hesitate to call up Hugh once again. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know and THERE IS A REASON WHY YOU CAN’T FIND A NEGATIVE REVIEW ON HIM!!!!!! As we all know you can’t please everyone and to still not have a single negative review says it all.
Scott M.
“Compassion, Understanding and Professionalism”
I was in a car accident that was caused by a young women running a red light. I had never been in accident before and I assumed that is the things worked because that is why we insurance. I was wrong. I contacted a personal injury attorney, Hugh Howerton, and that was the best decision I made. Mr. Howerton was very professional and was able to begin helping me with that first phone call. He was immediately on top of my case taking down all of the information and my statement and was able to refer me what type of doctor I should go see instead of wasting my time at some place that would not be able to help. He guided me through the entire process with compassion, understanding and complete professionalism. He has years of experience in and out of the court room should your case go to trial as mine did. His experience paid off in the end and the jury’s verdict was in our favor. I would recommend Hugh Howerton to anyone who needs a personal injury attorney for any reason.
M. Dailey
“Definition Of An Excellent Attorney”
My definition of an excellent attorney? Hugh Howerton. He is professional, responsive, communicative, ethical and gets results. I had a tough personal injury case and it was apparent he was in it for the long haul. He was very impressive in court… from jury selection through closing arguments. He exceeded my expectations and I received the maximum settlement possible.
L. Whiteley
"Hugh Is A “Personal” Personal Injury Lawyer"
Hugh Howerton is the role model for personal injury lawyers. His high ethics, knowledge, dedication and compassion are qualities rarely found in the law field today. I was serious injured in a car accident. Hugh was there every step of the way, accurately driving the case which led to a very successful outcome. He expertly negotiated with the insurance companies for a vast reduction in my medical bills, resulting in a larger settlement. Hugh personally handles all incoming and outgoing communication. I only spoke with him throughout the entire case, and his response time to calls and email was impressively quick. I never felt alone in this. His attention to my case made me feel as though I was his only client at the time. I called Hugh for a case review based on his 26 years of personal injury experience, and also because he is in the Texas top 100 trial lawyers. I am very thankful he accepted my case. Hugh isn’t just a personal injury lawyer, he is a “personal” personal injury lawyer. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
M. Whipple
“Attentive, Helpful & Fast”
Mr. Howerton, Thank you so much for helping my mother and me settle our claim. I really appreciate your prompt responses to me when I had questions and concerns. I have worked directly with other attorneys and have never really had a fast turn around response from anyone as you have given me the attention needed for our case. I will definitely recommend you to any one in our family or friends when legal assistance is needed. We appreciate all of your help.
Martha Martinez
“Rock Solid Dependable”
I have known Hugh Howerton for over 15 years. He has always been a source of inspiration, friend to friend, and lawyer to lawyer. He is also a man of unselfish integrity, highly knowledgeable in his area of expertise, and rock solid dependable when it comes to telling one just how things are. I consider him a good friend and a valuable associate. I would trust him to handle a case for my family and feel that I was in good hands. Thanks
Wally Sisk Law Office of Wallace T. Sisk, Jr.
“His Integrity Is Above Reproach..He Will Get The Job Done”
I was injured in a car accident caused by an intoxicated driver. After the run around with the insurance company I decided to hire an attorney. The search led me to Hugh Howerton. I selected him based on the initial impression during the first phone interview as well as all the positive feedback about his professionalism listed on his website. It was obvious from the beginning that all the positive feedback was well deserved. Mr. Howerton does what he says he’s going to do. His integrity is above reproach. And when you call him, you actually speak to him. I was awarded a substantial settlement during mediation process without going to trial. He’s an excellent negotiator ,compassionate to your needs, and made the cumbersome legal process tolerable. He will get the job done and works hard to earn you every dollar possible for your suffering. I highly recommend the services of Mr. Howerton. Stop searching and give him a call. You’ll be glad you did.
James T.
“Hugh Really Helped My Family”
After my slip/fall accident at a local Houston chain diner, no one seemed to be able to help me. After contacting Mr. Howerton I felt like someone actually cared and wanted to help me. He worked with me and the doctors to make sure I received the medical care I needed. Within several months of the orginal incident he had the case settled and a BIG check in our hand, that covered lost wages, medical bills, and then some. – Thank you so much Hugh you helped my family when no-one else seemed to care! You are the best!
Kimberly Revis
“Has The Experience and Expertise”
I am glad to recommend Hugh Howerton to any of my friends or clients who are in need of a personal injury attorney. Hugh has the experience and expertise needed to evaluate the situation and obtain the best recovery possible for his client.
Julia E. Bailey – Bailey & Bailey
“Really Educated Me”
I was in a car accident and sought the assistance of Hugh Howerton. He was so friendly and really educated me about how auto insurance works when you’re involved in an accident. He made me feel comfortable with the process. I was able to recover my lost wages, my medical expenses were paid in full, and I received a very good recovery for my pain and suffering. I have definitely recommended Hugh Howerton to family and friends many times and I highly recommend this law firm to you. Thanks again…
E. Guser
“High Moral Character”
I was a victim of a devastating auto accident, which could have ruined me in today’s economy. But after much searching I discovered Mr. Hugh Howerton, whose character and high morals, were exemplified in my legal representation. Through his expertise, I receive proper medical care and financial compensation for my ordeal.
Minister. Willie Walker
“Meticulous and Devoted Lawyer”
When I lost my husband in a car accident I needed help. Mr. Hugh Howerton is not only a very meticulously inclined and devoted lawyer, but also represents legally, as well as individually, that which is fair, honest, appropriate, and just. I am not only very pleased in having utilized his professional services, but meeting him as a person of integrity and concern for others’ rights and well-being also. His devotion to his profession, I feel, exceeds his daily duties as a lawyer. I would not hesitate to ask for his professional services, referrals, advice, or recommend his services to another in need.
L. Norling
“An Exceptional Trial Attorney”
I have had the pleasure of working with Hugh Howerton over the last several years. His expertise and ability in successfully representing clients are of the highest standards. Mr. Howerton is an exceptional trial attorney whose convincing jury presentation have resulted in high verdict awards for his clients.
Richard Cobb Attorney at Law
“Hugh Goes The Extra Mile”
When I lost my husband in a car accident my life was in disarray. I spent a lot of time trying to sort out legal and insurance issues along with my emotional stress. Mr. Howerton is very professional and knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to insure the best possible outcome. He was easily accessible and replied to my phone calls ina timely manner. During the process it was easy for me to approach Mr. Howerton and discuss all my concerns and questions. In this difficult time in my life I was able to find in Hugh Howerton the professional support to reach the best resolution to my legal situation. I highly recommend Hugh Howerton’s services.
Zhanna Jones
“Best Decision I Could Have Made”
Deciding to use Mr. Howerton to help me with my case was the best decision I could have made. After suffering a mild traumatic brain injury as a result of a car accident, I found myself spending so much time trying to deal with all of the accident related paperwork, calls, correspondence, etc. that I didn’t have the time, much less the money, to take care of my medical needs. When the deadline for finalizing the claim approached and I was still not better, I contacted Mr. Howerton. He took over for me and had my case settled (at full policy limits) with both parties in just a couple of months.
T. Cole
“Your Work Truly Helped Make My Life Better”
In a time of injury, all there seems to be is confusion, anger and pain. Thankfully, when my injury case wasn’t getting better or easier, my mother and I had the good sense to ask Hugh to help. After struggling on our own for what seemed like months, our case was suddenly making quick progress on the road to getting me healed and finishing my education in college. Hugh not only managed to get us a settlement that paid for the bills, I was also able to pay off a great deal of my college debt. The entire fiasco was handled professionally, carefully and very swiftly, once Hugh stepped in to help us take on the insurance adjuster. My sincere thanks for your patience and knowledge in that confusing and difficult time of my life! Your work truly helped make my life better! Thank you!
Kristina B.
“Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart”
Dear Hugh I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and support during the litigation process surrounding my Mother’s fall in 2010. From the initial interview you and she had,there was an instant rapport developing. Never having gone through a lawsuit before (at the age of 88) you made her feel comfortable and were very gentle with her feelings during the process, yet allowing her to remember the facts as they happened that day. She would have thanked you from the bottom of her heart for all you did on her behalf by offering professional and credible advice, yet being very personable and caring. Let me say it for her and for our family- “Thank you from the bottom of my heart”.
Karen Elkins
“Sometimes in life you just get lucky and find good people to do business with”
Like anyone dealing with accident claims, it is a new process and you are nervous about who to pick as your attorney. I was not familiar with the process, did not know what to expect, and what I needed to do to help the attorney. I am glad I found Hugh Howerton to represent me in my case. Hugh did spend time with me explaining the process and what to expect. The single most important thing that stood out in my mind, as a customer to Hugh, was the fact he was timely in his communication and responses. I did not have to make numerous requests for an update. Hugh did help me win my case and settle as expected. Please bear in mind this is no overnight process and may take some months to fulfill, but rest assured, Hugh is by your side during the whole process. When it involves money, most people are cautious and reserved as I was in my case, and after review of all figures, Hugh was on target. Hugh is also a man of high moral character, and when he states he will do something, rest assured it will get done. Sometimes in life you just get lucky and find good people to do business with and Hugh is one of those few. I will highly recommend Hugh to any person having to deal with a personal injury case.
Scott Brown
“Outstanding Lawyer Who Helped Me”
I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. From the communication ability, responsiveness, quality of service, value for money, & striving to get more money for my settlement, Hugh Howerton was excellent in all aspects. Thank you again Hugh for your hard work. I greatly appreciate it & would highly recommend you as an outstanding lawyer who helped me tremendously throughout my case.
Rita R.
“Best Lawyer I Have Worked With In 24 Years”
During my 24 years of working with lawyers, Hugh is the best I have worked with. Hugh is prompt, cordial, and always follows through with any question or case. When Hugh takes on a case, he pursues the case with the highest degree of ethical standards and attention to detail. Hugh is pragmatic in his focus, applying the law to the facts to get the best result possible. I highly recommend Hugh as my referral lawyer for personal injury cases.
Nancy Pofahl Attorney at Law