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A car accident can change your life in a split-second. One moment you’re fine then next your life is turned upside down. Reckless drivers hurt good people. If this happened to you get the expert help you deserve.

Voted TOP 100 Texas trial lawyers Hugh Howerton is a Houston personal injury lawyer who specializes in car accident injury cases. For 30 years Board-Certified lawyer Hugh Howerton has been helping people hurt in Houston car accidents.

Hugh only takes a few clients at any time so he can give you extra attention. You only pay Hugh AFTER he wins your case.

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What To Do After A Houston Car Crash

1. If anyone is hurt call 911 and ask for the police and an ambulance. It is essential that everyone who is hurt get medical attention as soon as possible. Also the police will do an investigation and write a report showing who was at fault for the crash.

2. Move the vehicles out of the road if possible. It’s dangerous to stand in the road where other traffic are driving. If the vehicle are blocking traffic and are driveable, move them off the orad and call the police.

3. Do not argue with the other driver. I know it’s hard but it can only make everything worse. Stay calm, wait for the police and move your vehicle off the road.

4. Take pictures. Take pictures of the cars, the damage to the cars and the scene of the accident. These pictures can later prove the other driver was at fault and help you with your injury claim and claim to get your car fixed.

5. If you are hurt seek medical attention the day of the accident.


How Can An Auto Accident Lawyer Help Me

If you were injured through the fault of another driver the law says you are entitled compensation for your losses.You can receive money for your medical bills, lost wages. You can get money for your pain and suffering and physical impairment. If you were scarred you can receive compensation for your scars. If the other driver was drunk or high you may be entitled to extra compensation called punitive damages.

If you were injured by a driver that had no insurance you can still make a claim with your own insurance company if you had uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage on your own automobile insurance policy. Hugh can look over your policy to see if you have that type of coverage and explain your legal options

Settlement values for injury cases depends on a wide variety of factors. They include the cost of your past and future medical bills. The value of your lost wages, the type of injury you suffered and whether or not those injuries will be permanent. If your life or health was permanently altered because of your injury you may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

How We Win Your Houston Auto Accident Case

In order to win a car accident case your lawyer has to prove the other driver was negligent. This means they failed to act as a reasonable person under the circumstances.

The ways to prove the other driver was negligent includes proving they failed to control the speed of their vehicle if they struck your vehicle from the rear. Proving they ran a red light, failed to yield the right-of-way, failed to drive in a single lane or caused a head-on crash. Many times if the police came to the scene they will make a crash report. In the crash report the officer will state their opinion as to what factors contributed to the accident and indicate what driver contributed to the crash.This is good evidence to use to prove the other driver was negligent.

Another way, is to take the statements of any eye-witnesses who saw the other driver breaking the rules of the road. Finally, a dash cam video capturing the crash would be very compelling evidence.

If the other driver was intoxicated at the time of the crash your lawyer can subpoena the blood alcohol tests from the District Attorney’s office or police department. This may entitle you to be paid punitive damages as well as your actual damages like medical bills, lost wages and pain & suffering.


What If The Other Driver Did Not Have Insurance

If the driver that caused the accident did not have liability insurance you may file a claim with your own insurance company if you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. This is a special type of coverage that is usually included in a “full” coverage type policy. There are so many people driving in Houston that do not have insurance. Make sure your auto policy has UM/UIM coverage. If you don’t know call your insurance company and ask if you have this coverage on your auto policy.


Texas Car Accident Laws

Generally you have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. If the injury is to a child the statute of limitations for their own physical pain & mental anguish, physical impairment and physical disfigurement may be extend past the two year deadline. Always check with a local Houston car accident lawyer to get professional advice on your specific situation.

If we wait longer than two years your claim will most likely will be denied. This law is known as the statute of limitations. It is found in the Texas Civil Practices & Remedies Code Section 16.003.


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